Pastoral Care

Please note that during the current Coronavirus outbreak we are sadly forced to stop normal face to face Pastoral Care but we have put in place Pastoral Groups and Telephone Buddies schemes of support. 

1. Pastoral Care: As we are no longer able to meet face to face as a church, Pastoral Groups have been organised  with 5  or 6 households in each in order to maintain contact with one another, and so that we can pray and care for one annother. If you would like to be part of one of these groups please email the Rectors. 
For a Statement from our Rectors about the organisation of Pastoral Care during the current coronavirus outbreak click here

2. Telephone Buddies is a scheme we have introduced as a church for people living in Horsmonden who are ill or vulnerable, and therefore need to self-isolate. 
For more information click here. 
For the Consent Form to join this scheme click here.

Our Pastoral Care Team

There is a team of people who provide pastoral care to support people in their pain, loss and anxiety for people within our village community and help with personal needs and problems as well as offering friendship and celebration.

The Pastoral Care team is made up of 4 people with other individuals in the community helping others in their own way. Please feel free to contact our pastoral team on the following email:

Horsmonden Pastoral Care offers: Confidentiality, Listening in a Christian context, Friendship and Prayer and Spiritual support.

The Core Team is:

Pauline BellPastoral Assistant: Pauline Bell

I have lived I Horsmonden for 22 years and have got to know some lovely people.I am happy to listen , speak or help people in the village when needed

Pat Kellas

Pat Kellas

I am a retired teacher who very much enjoys meeting people. I have been in the village only 7 years but have grown to love this community. I would like to help people at their point of need, whatever that may be. I find that, among other ways, being a member of St. Margaret's Pastoral Team is an important way of being able to do that

Nick Gerard-Pearse

Nick Gerard-Pearse

I have been living in Horsmonden for 27 years. I am married to Jane and we have 3 daughters. I have been a member of the Pastoral Care Team for a few years and enjoy meeting people in the village. I am a volunteer with Silverline, I have been traveling for a year with Jane and we are now settled back in Horsmonden. 

Jane Gerard-Pearse

Jane Gerard-Pearse

I have lived in the village for 27 years, married to Nick and we have
3 children. I qualified as a nurse and midwife and am now a part time Lactation Consultant. I love our village and the community we live in, I help with Playtime, Church Flowers and visiting people in the village