News Sheets

Here you can download the latest weekly news sheet. It is a great way of learning about the life and events of our church. Published every 2 weeks at the moment.

News Sheet 15th November

News Sheet 25th October

News Sheet 4th October Harvest

News Sheet 20th September

News Sheet 30th August 2020

News Sheet 16th August 2020

News Sheet 2nd August 2020

News Sheet 12th and 19th July 2020

News Sheet Father's Day 21st June 2020

News Sheet 7th and 14th June 2020

News Sheet 24th and 31st May 2020

News Sheet 10th and 17th May 2020

News sheet 26/4/20

News sheet 12/4/20 Easter

News sheet 5/4/20

News sheet29/3/20

News sheet 22/3/20

Newsheet 26/1/2020

Newsheet 19/1/2020

Newsheet 12/1/2020

Newsheet 5/1/2020

Newsheet 22/12/2019 

Newsheet 15/12/2019

Newsheet 8/12/2019

Newsheet 1/12/2019

Newsheet 28/09/2019