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 A Rocha Eco Church Award

Good news...In March we received the Bronze Eco Church Award from A Rocha UK

  Eco Church Bronze certificate 

St Margaret’s is registered as an Eco Church. We are the first in the Deanery to do so and aim to become a Centre of Excellence!

What is ECO Church?

It is a Christian enviromental movement encouraging church communities to make changes in their

  • Worship

  • Teaching

  • Land management

  • Buildings management

  • Community and global engagement

  • Lifestyle

Wind Farm

… to reflect  God's care for the Earth

How does it work?

An online survey measures our progress in these 6 areas of church life and we gain points towards an award. We started with 217 points out of 990 (which is low), and we are working hard towards a Bronze Award which we now have and we are working towards a silver and then gold

What have we done so far?
Tree Planting 2Tree Planting 1

Horsmonden Village Footprint Group planted enough trees on Saturday 23 November 2019 to absorb 120kg of COper year


Flowers in Churchyard

A message from Angie Jenkins, our Eco Church Representative...

"It’s April and we are in the midst of the Corona Virus lockdown. So I thought a photographic visit to St Margaret’s Churchyard on this beautiful spring morning might brighten your spirits if you can’t get out.

For many years now the churchyard has been kept neatly mown at the expense of many species which would naturally flourish. Now, as part of the Eco Church philosophy, the PCC has agreed a new management strategy to encourage biodiversity in our beautiful churchyard. Some areas will be kept neat and tidy  and others left and only mown at the end of the season.

These photos are evidence of flowers which at the moment are few but will spread in the coming years supporting a wider ecosystem and food chain. They are all in areas previously mown, but now being left to flourish."