Eco Church Logo

St Margaret’s has registered as an Eco Church. 

We are the first in the Deanery to do so and aim to become a Centre of Excellence!

What is ECO Church?

It is a Christian enviromental movement encouraging church communities to make changes in their

  • Worship

  • Teaching

  • Land management

  • Buildings management

  • Community and global engagement

  • Lifestyle

Wind Farm

… to reflect  God's care for the Earth

How does it work?

An online survey measures our progress in these 6 areas of church life and we gain points towards an award. We started with 217 points out of 990 (which is low), and we are working hard towards a Bronze Award

What have we done so far?
Tree Planting 2Tree Planting 1

Horsmonden Village Footprint Group planted enough trees on Saturday 23 November 2019 to absorb 120kg of COper year

Monthly Focus


Prepare for a ‘greener’ Christmas & make New Year resolutions to reduce our carbon footprint.